Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Set Styling for HGTV & Glade!

Photo from
genevievehgtv's instagram account.
Did I ever tell you about how I spent the majority of the early 2000's (and my 20's) watching Genevieve Gorder crack open raw artichokes for design inspiration and run around barefoot on Trading Spaces? Well I did.

And 13 years later, here is that lovely lady standing smack-dab in the middle of a set that I designed for a commercial shoot with HGTV and Glade last year!

I wish I had dorked out enough to ask for a photo op. In fact, I tweeted her this same sentiment... and she said that I should have!

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Posted by Glade on Monday, August 26, 2013

This is the room she's standing in before 
final touches. We ended up adding a lot of 
black & white and brass. You can see the 
production crew's floorboard coverings and 
the homeowner's birdcage holding the 
doors open. Make it work!

In person, she is gracious, professional and smells like a real lady. I've worked with some other tv folks, and trust me, they're not as nice as you'd hope.

I can't even tell you how many times she had to say, "Mmmm, Apple Cinnamon!" for this Glade candles commercial, and each time was better and more refreshing than the last. 

Totes profesh, this one.

This is the Dining Room set of the Glade Wax Melts shoot, featuring a rustic
table setting of succulents, mercury glass, burlap,
raw birch placemats and green giraffe print curtains.
Look closely and you'll see the dhurrie rug
that I used as a  table runner! Scandalous.
If I had asked for that photo op, it would have been a major run-on sentence that would have sounded something like this:

"Hi Genevieve! Remember back when Trading Spaces was the only design show on tv? Well, it was my cryptonite, along with This Old House. TS was the fresh, fun, spastic, do-anything, crazy aunt to old uncle craftsman over on PBS. It made DIY and design accessible to a kid like me who grew up in a DIY kinda house. It was the reason I painted stripes on every wall in every apartment I ever lived in, twice." 

"And Genevieve! It was the reason I built a queen size bed from old lumber in the smelly trash bin area at the bottom of our building and then carried it on my back up four flights of stairs to our apartment."

"It's the reason you will see me, to this day, pick up old furniture off the street. "

Sometimes my friends help me. And sometimes they make fun of me.

"Oh Genevieve! It's the reason I thought that I should do this all the time, like as my job. So can I take a picture with you, and can you put your arm around me like you know me?"

And then I would have been fired. And I wouldn't have been able to style a shoot for Christmas in June!

This is from my friend Elizabeth's instagram. She was my styling assistant on the shoot.
She brought a ton of vintage ornaments that sent Genevieve bonkers.

The living room set. Those pillows got changed to graphic black & white, per GG.
Didn't hurt my feelings one bit!