That's me!
I'm a few things by trade: interior designer, creative director, new media producer, ameteur chef and professional wanderer. I was a model in a past (hungrier) life, living in Hong Kong, among other places, and I lived my dream of being a designer on HGTV's Curb Appeal

In short, I'm a do-er, designer, diy-er, photographer, sewer, builder, illustrator, writer, pinterest obsessor, world traveler and team sport player.

My friends would tell you that I'd be the first to jump off or out of just about anything, and that I make a mean pesto. I’m a small town southern girl at heart and a big city gal by trade, on a constant search for interesting things in all places, big and small.

This is a place where I will pore guiltlessly over my favorite things - food, home, family, travel and experience and my general love for all things curious, pretty and personal.

You'll find super things like DIY projects, recipes, house tours, design fascination and more. I'm endlessly, sometimes maniacally, inspired by what other people love and do, so you'll see also see some form of regurgitation of someone else's work. But don't worry, you'll know who did it first.