Friday, April 13, 2012

My New Obsession: Etsy Treasury Lists

Porcelain & Leather Hanger by FarrahSit
I go on binges.

The interwebs.

You name it, I've probably sat laser-focused for hours on end gorging on whatever you might imagine, stopping only occasionally for oreos. And when I've steeped my brain to the point of saturation, I simply walk away. Like a cat who's had enough of your petting, I traipse off, casually leaving whatever you might imagine alone with their own thoughts, taking my attention with me.

It's a character flaw.

My latest obsession - well the one I was obsessed with around Christmas and have since betrayed with my silence - is creating Etsy Treasury Lists. It's really fun. The constant searching, the tireless favoriting,  gorging my ego with power by passing over one pillow for another. I have standards after all. There are only 16 spots to fill.

Retro Wooden Ampersand by Edie's Lab
Unlike Pinterest (another obsession on its own) where I can add as much as I want to any number of boards (Oh the power!), where I fantasize that my life is much prettier, DIY-ier and more organized than it might be, Etsy Treasury Lists force you to be picky. To be a curator of things that fall under the well-crafted headline you've given it.

Maybe it's the structure that suits me during these binges. I need boundaries.

Here are a few things from my treasury lists. You can see the rest in all of their glory here. Maybe I'll get back around to obsessing with it again sometime.

Gifts For Your Femme Treasury List

From "For The Home"

For The Home Treasury List

See more here...

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