Thursday, February 2, 2012

Brass lamps make my heart weep.

$9 each from the thrift store

Kind of in that same way old oak cabinets do when I'm about to paint over them.

I know I should feel bad.

Look at them. They're practically being brought to you by baby Jesus himself, all cloaked in soap opera light.

But my house isn't the brassy kind, so something had to be done.

I couldn't help myself.

Around spray paint, I cannot be trusted.

Rustoleum Ultra Cover in Lagoon

Even the finials look sad over there by themselves, just as blue as blue can be.

Is that a teardrop or is it just my super high gloss turquoise spray paint?

$25 shades from Lamps Plus

Turquoise makes me happy.


  1. I LOVE these! The color is amazing and I love how it pops against your neutral bed. Gorgeous!

  2. Thanks, Amanda! I found out that turquoise lamps make my heart weep, too!


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