Monday, August 1, 2011

EAT: Strawberry Coconut Cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner

I found this on Pinterest! Scroll all the way down for the recipe. . . 

Guess what I had for breakfast.

Ask me how I guilty I feel.

Zip. Zilch. Nada.

This is quite possibly the best recipe that I've ever tried.

Being a southern girl and all, I appreciate a good Strawberry Cake.

Ok, that's a little vulgar. 

But this loco woman did all kinds of crazy goodness to an already good thing.

I could fill a bathtub with this stuff.

I'm gonna make you scroll through

all the mouthwatering images

before you get

You're welcome.

**I found this through Pinterest, and boy am I so glad. That place is awesome. 
You should all join. Oh, and follow me.


  1. Aw, thanks!! I seriously cannot tell you how awesome it is to see my little cake all over Pinterest. I'm almost as proud of it as my own kids. :)

  2. MIchelle, the cake is amazing! I've shared it with 4 friends, and there's still a piece left. It's huge! They all love it - the coconut is a huge hit. I'm sure your kids are cute, but this is seriously an awesome cake.


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