Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend In Review: Wake up, just do it and all the rest.

I got a hip new app, known in our house as My Instagram Problem.

Just call me the assimilating non-conformist. And enjoy the fruits of my new addiction.

Morning, usually.

House projects commencer!
{i hated the outcome, so this is going to be redone.}

Saw Ted's band at
The Makeout Room

{where topics of convo included rectal thermometers & projectile vomitting, avocado allergists and that curious camera-looking device above the toilet in the bathroom.}

This is what I have to deal with.

{Ginger got a new herringbone collar. 
And also, her eyes look like chocolate chips.}

And then there's this, too.
{can a sister ever get a break?} 

Point & click never disappoints.

Tea, not whiskey. Unfortunately.

Knitters Anonymous.
{i had to rip out all the stitches twice, and i just found that it's still twisted. forging on anyways.}

Sunday dinner at the Schmitchell's

"Knife & Kale, In Stove Light"

Sweet potato, black bean & kale tacos.

What did you do, see, eat?


  1. Nice pics. Love this (app?). Hey, RE the 'And then there's this, too.' Entrance to the beach access at Fort Funston? I bet your pooch is one happy puppy there. Matti

  2. Thanks, Matti! Yes, Ft. Funston is a happy place for all. I don't always feel that way mid-climb back up those steps, but the top view is worth it.

    Thanks for reading!


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